-Kiss the Rain-

And kiss the pain,forget the melancholy of your heart,do something to stop the feelings. Live for the first time,love yourself,love somebody,try to do something,don’t stay at this way. Don’t think of the past,forget the memories,feel alive one more time. This is just anything for your beautifull life,learn to love you and your life,learn to don’t stay quiet and say everything! The life is amazing,here’s so much places that you can visit when you grow up…! Just love yourself,just think about it,just… STAY ALIVE!!!!!!!!! BE STRONG!!!!!!! YOU ARE ONE OF THE PERSONS MORE GORGEOUS IN THE WORLD,YOUR PAIN IS NOTHING,FORGET YOUR MEMORIES,JUST STAY STRONG,THE SHIT HAPPENS! But you have to be strong beauty<3
If you fall down,I fall with you,and if you die,I’m Gonna Die For You<3
Think about it.

I was so occupied in my life,that is the cause of not recents posts,so sorry … Now yeah i’m free to do this. So let’s do it!!!


The Crushes Heads is an instrument of torture applied in the Middle Ages, destined to burst the skull bones.

The machine called "Smash heads" was composed of two bars of wrought iron, and at each end, with the top screw press or morza.

The chin of the victim was placed in the bottom bar, and the cap was pulled down by the screw. The effects of this process are evident. First, the tooth sockets after the jaws are shredded, then the brain is drained by the cavity between the eyes and skull fragments.

Today is no longer used as capital punishment, but in high esteem for use as interrogation in much of the world.

At present, the cap and the lower bar are covered with a soft non-victim leaves marks on the material.

There are some instruments with a similar purpose called "Skull Crack", which as the name suggests is different from "The Crushes Heads" that instead of crushing the skull broke.

"Uvas en Melancolía"

Era un pueblo pequeño y tranquilo… Todos los habitantes,aunque eran sólo 42,en Montecinisio, vivían en paz. Llevaban una vida casi completamente dedicada a la agricultura.

    Se acercaba el cumpleaños del alcalde, todos cosechaban uvas para este gran evento, fuerte fue su descepción cuando notaron que sus cosechas marchitaban más y más mientras se aproximaba el cumpleaños de su intendente, se podría decir que con el paso de los años no se mostraba tanto y que justo ese año se dieron cuenta ya que era más notable la decadencia de los cultivos…   Había llegado el esperado día, el jefe del pueblo cumpliría un año más teniendo así ya 84 años, el doble de sus habitantes.  Cuando los pueblerinos fueron al hogar de su noble se llevaron una sorpresa inesperada, su esperanza, padre, prócer por así decirlo… Había fallecido así como los viñedos cuidados hace ya 84 años…

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